Couple weeks ago, I had the great privilege to photograph another friend’s newborn baby! It’s such a great honour to be able to capture the very first weeks of baby Kian’s life.  He is small in stature but overloads in cuteness!  He was so calm and tranquil throughout the whole shoot…it was just so sweet and easy! A huge congratulations to my friends Tony and Sen on their new addition – may the greatest adventure begin! Some of my favourite shots are below:


The universe just keeps throwing babies at me!  How can I complain though?  I get to cuddle up to these love bugs as my job!!

Another adorable newborn session for you! Loved how I got to spend time ( two times, in fact ) with Baby Isabel. She was super sensitive to new surroundings which meant lots of awake time but look how cute she is with her eyes open!! I just adore her. Thank you to Frank & Carol for having me capture these precious new moments of her.  I am so excited for the adventures you will all have and of course, to see her grow up to be a little mini Carlton!



Baby Isla…my Sweetpea!  What a long wait for your arrival but you are finally here and the best little baby an auntie could ever wish for! I am overjoyed for my best friend Anita and her husband Ryan. Anita and I have been friends since we were 10 years old so there really isn’t much we haven’t shared in life together. Once I became a mother and saw her relationship with my daughter – I just knew she would be the most amazing mother one day.  I am excited that the day has come and now I can be a part of baby Isla’s life! I can’t wait to share another chapter of our lives together.  Congratulations to two of my very favourite people in the world!



Sweet Georgia…so happy to have finally greet this bundle of love into this world!  This post is almost 4 months over due but nonetheless, it’s always nice to look back on what tiny beans these newborns once were.  I’m overjoyed for my friends Jasmin and Greg – welcome to the most wonderful journey of all.  I can’t wait to watch her grow up!  Here are a some of my favourites from her newborn photoshoot:



There’s been a lot of babies over at ACP lately and I’m loving every bit of it!  There is nothing sweeter than having these teeny tiny humans as subjects and if I am lucky, they are sooo cooperative that my job is easy as pie! Case in point: baby Adeline. 2 hours long and not a peep from her (or an accident!). I wish I gave her a ton of kisses for being so darn good! It’s always such a pleasure getting to know new clients and this is especially true for this sweet young family! All the very best to Linda, Kelvin & their little babies!

F O L L O W   M E
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