I don’t write much personal posts as I tend to be quite the private person and I’m far too sarcastic to be taken seriously at times (true story!).  However, I feel it’s really time I buckle down and get a personal post in as it’s been lingering in the back of my mind for quite some time (…possibly a year or more).  Photography was something I loved the moment my dad gave me my first camera at the age of 6.  I can say, for as long as remember, getting to capture moments in time was fun, exciting, and very endearing to me.  I loved taking pictures of my family at our gatherings and having copies developed to give them.  It was always something very special and rewarding for me. Being able to continue that throughout the years has been incredible.  I dived into photography thinking it would be a hobby and it’s turned into something much more than that.  I am grateful that I have a creative outlet and a set of skills that carried me into making this a career (although, I sometimes still have dreams of doing something big with my sticker collecting hobby I started at the same age).

With that being said, life has given me some road bumps.  Nothing I can’t handle – but unfortunately, my poor back has had enough.  Having a degenerative back condition can mean a lot of pain at times –  especially when I stand too long, sit too long, sleep too long (ugh…that last one sucks cuz I just want to sleep in sometimes!).  But I seem to have figured out what exacerbates the pain and how to manage it!  That also means…and here’s the NEWS…I will no longer be taking on any more weddings.  If you can see me, you would see sadness in my face. It’s a decision I didn’t take lightly and tried to postpone for years as my love for wedding photography kept me going.  However, I really think my body is saying “NO MORE, WOMAN” and I must listen to it this time.  The good news is…I still get to continue on with my lifestyle photography which I absolutely love and get just as excited about!  I am actually really happy to be able to pour more attention and time into my boudoir, newborn, and family photography now!

Lastly, I would like to thank EVERYONE that has ever given me the honour to capture their special moments through my lens.  But a huge thanks to all my amazing couples that trusted me with their wedding day – the experiences you gave me will never be forgotten!  I look forward to many many many more years of creating beautiful images with you all. xoxo




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