Angela Cheung Photography_0329It’s such great timing that I am posting these adorable images of baby boy Cruz on the blog today!  Not only is he celebrating his official 1 month christening this weekend but he also gets a big party to mark his big entry into the world! I have watched my dearest friend, Joy, do this 3 times now (give birth that is) and I couldn’t be more happy for their growing family!  Blessed with 2 incredible girls already…I can’t wait to see how throwing a boy in the mix will be like!! Congratulations Joy and Andy…you wished and it came true!

Angela Cheung Photography_0330Angela Cheung Photography_0331Angela Cheung Photography_0338Angela Cheung Photography_0337Angela Cheung Photography_0333Angela Cheung Photography_0339Angela Cheung Photography_0340Angela Cheung Photography_0334Angela Cheung Photography_0335Angela Cheung Photography_0336

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