Say hello to my lil’ friend…the USB!  Gone are the days spending hours burning images onto CD’s and then designing/printing the CD cover.  I am jumping for joy as you’re reading this!  Top 5 reasons why I made the switch:

1.  USB’s are way smaller and looks cooler.  Obviously.

2.  Do computers and laptops even have CD/DVD drives anymore???

3.  USB’s are so much faster to upload, download, and quicker in processing.

4.  Re-usable!  Every USB is packed with 4 GB of space!  Plenty of room to use for your own purposes.

5.  Reliable!  Probably the most important reason of all…discs were never a perfect storage solution.  Prone to scratches, corrupt data, and unreadable images – it was time to say goodbye and move on to something better.

Hope all my clients will appreciate the newest addition as well!

Angela Cheung Photography_0280Angela Cheung Photography_0281

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