Angela Cheung Photography_0277First post of the new year!!  One that is surely overdue and much anticipated!

I’ve known the Hoang sisters for a big chunk of my life…well, 20 years to be exact.  It’s mind-blowing to think how many years have quickly flown before our eyes and we are no longer the little kids from the neighborhood.  I still remember the first time Joy and I met…an instant connection over blonde streaks and older boyfriends, that bloomed into a close and dear friendship!  Then there is little sister May, a toddler when I first met her, but has now grown up to become a mere reflection of what we were like in our younger days.  It’s been so special to be a part of both their lives – they’ve really shown me an irreplaceable bond that only some in this world are lucky enough to have…a sister.  Here are some of my favorites from their session:
Angela Cheung Photography_0278Angela Cheung Photography_0279


Nathan - Joy still looks as beautiful as she did 20 years ago when we went to school together amazing photo.

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