Another fresh new look on the ACP website!  The gallery has now been re-designed with better functions and gimmicks for my clients!  I am loving the new look of my gallery – I hope you agree.  Here are some of the features I’ve fine-tuned for you:

1. From the main site, you can now go to the CLIENT AREA and see all the galleries available.  A small thumbnail allows you and your loved ones to easily find the gallery you want to view.  They are also categorized (ie. Wedding, Newborn) for easy searching as well.

2. Once logged in, you will find a whole new interface!  You will be greeted by an automatic slideshow of your images with MUSIC I’ve specifically selected for you! You can easily skip songs, adjust speed of the slideshow or turn it off all together if you choose.  Neat-oh!

3. There is also the COMPARE feature which is important for those clients trying to select which images to put in an album or to print.  Just drag the images you are comparing into the boxes and it’ll show you the options side by side.

4. Other features include dragging your favorites to the MY FAVORITES folder so your friends and family can see which images you love the most.  You can also drag the images into the MY IMAGE LIST folder – which allows me to know which images you’ve chosen for an album or for a custom designed product.  There’s also a spot for you to send me instructions.  And of course, you can add images to the MY CART folder which will allow you to purchase products for that image (ie. enlargements, cards, etc).

5. EMAIL is a nice function where you can directly send a link of an image or a link to your gallery via a simple form submitted right inside your gallery.  No more need to write seperate emails through your computer or phone.  It’ll automatically attach the password for your gallery so they can have access right away.

6. The EXPIRY DATE for all galleries is now changed to 60 days instead of 90 days from the time of upload.  The expiry is visible at the bottom of the gallery.

I’m so proud of the new things popping up around here – including this new gallery re-do and the many more new things yet to come!  I’ve worked so hard on this new re-branding process and I can’t wait to share more soon!

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