I started off 2012 like any other year…full of excitement of what’s to come, high expectations, and a list of goals + resolutions I’d like to see myself achieving in the new year. However, this year was incredibly difficult for me…illness struck my family, and once again, life proved that things don’t always go as planned. Reflecting back, I must admit this year was great for me professionally. Despite the difficult times at home, I poured myself into my work – which really paid off. This year, I felt extremely confident with my style and with my abilities to produce art that I’m proud of. The love I received from different wedding and boudoir outlets have been so amazing as a good majority of my work was featured this year! I can’t even begin to explain into words how great that feels. I could never thank any one of them enough! And of course, none of this would be even possible without the best clients in the world who helped me get there! I’m so honored to have created special memories that will be cherished by those images forever!

As 2012 is reaching its end, I’m once again looking forward to the new year and all the new things it’ll bring me. I have lots of brand new ideas for my brand and I hope to spill the beans on my latest projects within the year! So stayed tuned to the blog!! But before this year officially ends, I’d like to thank those who matter the most! To all the incredible people who have stood by me and my family this year…THANK YOU! I honestly don’t know where I would be without each and every one of you…you have all shown me how far one can reach with just love, faith and support alone. But most importantly, I’d like to thank my mom. Your strength has given hope to so many…we are all so proud of you. More personally, you’ve shown me to love life deeply, to be passionate about what I do, and to never take a moment for granted. I love you.

Hope you all have a happy holiday and a wonderful year to come!

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